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ADDEALXThomas C Russell Field
AGAFAFTAfutara Airport
AGARRNAUlawa Airport
AGATATDAtoifi Airport
AGBAVEVBarakoma Airport
AGBTBPFBatuna Airport
AGEVGEFGeva Airport
AGGAAKSGwaunaru'u Airport
AGGBBNYBellona/Anua Airport
AGGCCHYChoiseul Bay Airport
AGGEBASBallalae Airport
AGGFFREFera/Maringe Airport
AGGHHIRHoniara International Airport
AGGIMBUBabanakira Airport
AGGJAVUAvu Avu Airport
AGGKIRANgorangora Airport
AGGLSCZSanta Cruz/Graciosa Bay/Luova Airport
AGGMMUAMunda Airport
AGGNGZONusatupe Airport
AGGOMNYMono Airport
AGGPPRSParasi Airport
AGGRRNLRennell/Tingoa Airport
AGGSEGMSege Airport
AGGURUSMarau Airport
AGGVVAOSuavanao Airport
AGKGKGEKagau Island Airport
AGRCRINRingi Cove Airport
AGRMRBVRamata Airport
ANYNINUNauru International Airport
AQYAQYGirdwood Airport
AYBKBUABuka Island Airport
AYCHCMUChimbu Airport
AYDUDAUDaru Airport
AYGAGKAGoroka Airport
AYGNGURGurney Airport
AYGRPNPGirua Airport
AYHKHKNKimbe Airport
AYKALSALosuia Airport
AYKIUNGKiunga Airport
AYKKKRIKikori Airport
AYKMKMAKerema Airport
AYKVKVGKavieng Airport
AYKYLNVLondolovit Airport
AYMDMAGMadang Airport
AYMHHGUMount Hagen Airport
AYMNMDUMendi Airport
AYMOMASMomote Airport
AYMRMXHMoro Airport
AYMSMISMisima Island Airport
AYNZLAELae Nadzab Airport
AYPYPOMJacksons International Airport
AYRBRABRabaul Airport, Rabaul, Papua New Guinea
AYTATIZTari Airport
AYTBTBGTabubil Airport
AYTKRABTokua Airport
AYVNVAIVanimo Airport
AYWDWBMWapenamanda Airport
AYWKWWKWewak International Airport
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